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Horse Activities


I threw Abby and Beau up on a horse before they could have a conversation. It was all about how to stop, how to go and how to “control” your horse – I say that in quotes because I’m not sure control is the right word, we had a few scary moments where control went out the window. Which brings me to ground work.

No Skipping the Groundwork!



OK, so I’m not allowed to share the real deal.  Her family has a tight lid on this hot fudge recipe, but you guys…I spent a looooong time trying to imitate it and I have to say it’s pretty darn close. I despise when recipes have a long description and you have to search for […]

Laura’s Hot Fudge

fudge with butter


Mama Stuff

Riding with kids…It can be super intimidating to trailer out somewhere new. Like those first outings you had with them as babies.  So much to remember…then add horses in! Whew!

5 Tips for Trail Riding with Kiddos