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Our Flippy Cowgirl Boots

"The saddle arrived the evening and oh my goodness!!! The pictures don't do it justice! It's stunningly beautiful, great quality, and overall blew me away! The t-shirt and hand written note made it feel so personal and special. Thank you so much!"

Cassie  Sharp

sharp family farms

"The Tack is the absolute best but what I love about RFT is the message behind the brand. Empowering kids to work hard and dream big is a mission I can’t get behind enough! Love Abby and Amber and everything they’ve created and stand for." 

Taylor  Singmaster

Stanford equestrian team coach

"I have to say that I am astounded by your concern for your customer's satisfaction in the days of impersonal online sales. You went above and beyond the scope of reparations, and that's unheard of today!

I have retired after a long and successful career in sales management where my main goal was to always leave our customers across the country with a sense of satisfaction they knew they could not find anywhere else. You have proven to be a person of the highest integrity by backing up what you promised. 
I would like to write a review of your company and your customer service as well as share with the many horse people we know in the area.

Please accept my utmost respect for your business practices as well as my apologies for any grief I caused through my frustration. You have given more than enough in reparations."

Dara  Samuel